Dr Ivan Liu
Dr Ivan Liu
Founder & Director, Legacy Lab International and
Assistant Professor, Institute of Applied Arts,
National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Ivan is an artist, a designer and an educator. He has a strong background in science, trained as a physicist at the Max-Planck Institute (Germany) and Imperial College London.
He is deeply interested in the underlying fundamental principles in natural and social phenomena. His current works explores the theoretical models in sciences and realizing them in the form of visual art, installation, and performances. He enjoys engaging the public and make them wonder about the internal mechanism of our world and how all things are connected by simple and elegant ideas.
He founded Legacy Lab International in 2013, which is an inter-disciplinary art collective consisting of multi-disciplinary artists, designers, engineers and scientists. Its works stem from research of natural and social phenomena, integrating new technology and traditional media, lying on the borderline between science and contemporary art. Their works has been exhibited worldwide and collected by renowned institutions.

Track 2 Discussion: 
Technology and the Digital Medium

Mixing the Young and the Old on a Tech Island

New media and digital technology are arguably the most engaging exhibition media for the youth, or even the general public. The simplification of creative tools in recent years has also paved ways for younger creators to be involved in the creative process, and thus giving potential possibilities to turn the youth from knowledge receivers to knowledge disseminators. By doing so, cultural heritage can be learned in a more efficient and engaging manner.

Over the past 10 years we have explored and experimented the possibilities and roles of new media and digital technology in engaging the public. I will present our collaboration with the Taipei City Government Department of Education, showcasing a wide spectrum of digital tools in K12 education, including AR/VR, robotics and other interactive media, as new means of education. In arts, I will also talk about our curatorial work of the first Tech-Art exhibition at the National Taiwan Museum of Prehistory, including three resident artists. I will share the art creations by Legacy Lab International in mixed traditional/digital media to illustrate how experimentation of new media combined with contemporary art can lead to discussions on emerging health and environmental issues, as well as maximizing the public engagement. Finally, I will present some of other good examples of digital art projects in Taiwan with historical and cultural contents.
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